VMAX TRADE AGENT: Best LED Lamp Buying Agent In China

2020-05-23 13:11 admin

VMAX TRADE AGENT is the Best LED lamp buying agent and guidein China, Guzhen lighting market, we offer One-stop sourcing and trade services for customer lighting business.

Do you need an assistant to look for more suppliers and lighting products?
We can help and assist you to look for lighting source. Our location is near International hotel, can deal with orders efficiently. Also can help you to find sutable manufacturers and products.
Do you need an assistant to deal with lighting order?
We can help and assist you deal with placing order, following production process, arranging ship and loading container, making import documents. Our these work can help you save more energy and funds to do other business.
Do you need an assistant to inspect lighting goods for you?
We can help and assist you deal with inspecting goods before shipping, reduce the risk of not good quality and loss of funds.
What are challenes for you?


-Conducting critical business in broken English
-Mutually unintelligible Chinese dialects across regions
-Cultural differences as to what is important or how something should be done
-Slow or incomplete responses to requests


-Raw material and component part substitutions made without your knowledge or approval
-Products not meeting quality standards or not matching the original approval samples
-Inconsistent quality from one shipment to the next
-Products failing 3rd party testing due to incorrect materials being used in production


-Last minute delays to the production schedule
-No help when there is a problem
-Difficulty making changes or get improvement
-Products not tested or inspected as per your specifications