About History of Vmax Trading Company

04/2016     →      Established Chinese company in Guzhen town of Zhongshan city and started exporting business of lighting products.

05/2016     →      Developed and started agent service of Bangladesh lighting market. 

07/2016     →      Developed and started agent service of Belgium lighting market. 

10/2016     →      Developed and started agent service of Liberia lighting market. 

02/2017     →      Registered the Hongkong company — Vmax International (H.K.) Limited.

06/2017     →      Developed and started ornamentation products agent service of Italy market. 

10/2017     →      Obtained Hongkong bank accounts from China CITIC Bank International Limitedthe accounts can receive USD, EURO, GBP, HKD.

04/2018     →      Adjusted shareholders of Vmax International (H.K.) Limited.

06/2018     →      Developed and started ornamentation products agent service of Lebanon market. 

10/2018     →      Developed and started lighting products agent service of Albania market. 

12/2018     →      Moved the office room to Yinghe Lighting Plaza in Guzhen. 

07/2019     →      Developed and started lighting products agent service of Poland market. 

08/2019     →      Developed and started lighting products agent service of Kenya market.