Universal Light Technologies Adds Everline Emergency Driver

2018-05-17 10:00

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc., a global leader in lighting and a member of the Panasonic Group, has expanded its comprehensive line of lighting solutions with Everline® Emergency LED Drivers for offices, classrooms, warehouses and other commercial applications.


Universal Lighting Technologies Adds Everline Emergency Drivers


Individual product benefits include:
•    Targeted for downlight applications, model ELD7UNVCL provides 7W of emergency power and an output voltage range of 15-50Vdc and provides lead within flexible conduit for connections.
•    Targeted for linear fixtures, model ELD10UNVL provides 10W of emergency power and an output voltage range of 15-50Vdc.
•    Targeted for architectural fixtures, model ELD10UNVLPL also provides 10W of emergency power and an output voltage range of 15-52Vdc while featuring a low profile (1.18” h x 1.18” w).
•    Targeted for high bay applications, model ELD20UNVL provides 20W of emergency power, an output voltage range of 20-50Vdc and offers lead within flexible conduit for connections

Available in four models (ELD10UNVL, ELD10UNVLPL, ELD7UNVCL, and ELD20UNVL), the new drivers were designed to meet North American buildings’ strict emergency lighting requirements. Rather than installing separate emergency lighting fixtures, OEMs and contractors can specify Everline Emergency LED Drivers to be installed in LED luminaires that require emergency battery back-up systems.

“With the addition of emergency LED drivers to our product portfolio, Universal can provide a single source for our existing LED driver customers to now buy both pieces of equipment,” said Kevin Boyce, product manager for Universal Lighting Technologies. “This offering will be beneficial for fixture OEMs needing to specify emergency solutions and for contractors looking to save time and money by installing emergency drivers in conjunction with standard LED drivers.”

Compatible with Universal’s Everline LED drivers, the emergency drivers offer 90-minute illumination time, an integrated NiCad Battery and a wide operating voltage range.