GlacialTech Announces New Igloo SS150-V2 LED Flood Light SKD

2018-05-14 16:03

GlacialTech, the diversified LED technology provider, announces a new 150 W heatsink for outdoor flood light and available for single CoB or Multi-chip LEDs. The Igloo SS150-V2 features an efficient heat sink with thermal resistance 0.358°C/W for Multi-chip LEDs and 0.451°C/W for single CoB. The Igloo SS150-V2 with heat pipes design for single CoB to enhance the heat dissipation quickly.


GlacialTech Announces New Igloo SS150-V2 LED Flood Light SKD Kit


•    Rated for 150 to 180W single CoB or Multi-chip LEDs 
•    Thermal resistance 0.451°C/W for single CoB and 0.358°C/W for Multi-chip LEDs 
•    Adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket and screws
•    IP65 rated, suitable for outdoor applications

GlacialTech’s experience in thermal design allows the Igloo SS150-V2 to create a heat sink boasting an excellent thermal resistance using stamping technology. The efficient thermal performance means high output single CoB or Multi-chip LEDs up to 180 W can be accommodated. Customers can easily use the Igloo SS150-V2 to construct LED flood lights and make sure LED will not be overheated and keep long life.

The Igloo SS150-V2 thermal module is available standalone, or as a semi-knockdown (SKD) kit that includes heat sink module, adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket and screws. Also offers the waterproof bridging connector which can easily install the power cables between LEDs and drivers. The SKD kit allows use in high output lighting for stadiums, parking lots, and outdoor storage areas.

With an IP65 rugged design, LED flood lights built with the Igloo SS150-V2 SKD kit are dust proof and waterproof against extreme weather and strong jets of water. Fixture designers can choose the appropriate LED module and driver for their lighting needs and easily create high performance outdoor application with dependable GlacialTech thermal technology.