Four tests for Chinese exporters in 2020

2020-12-02 15:19 admin
In 2020, it will be a very difficult year for foreign trade export industry. Because of the impact of the epidemic, the test of the great depression in the global economy, at the same time, China's foreign trade export industry is facing four major tests, which can be said to be worse.
1. In the first half of the year, affected by the epidemic situation and various national policies, foreign buyers were unable to enter China for commodity purchasing activities, resulting in more than 90% of traditional offline foreign trade export manufacturers closing stores and reducing costs to maintain normal operation.
The export volume of foreign trade increased gradually in July, but since September, due to policy changes and the risk of RMB collection, foreign trade exporters have frozen a large area of RMB accounts, leaving foreign trade exporters helpless.
In November, most of China's ports and shipping companies were faced with the test of shortage of 40HQ containers, and their exports were faced with the situation that there were no containers for their exports. Meanwhile, the sea freight prices rose wildly. This is a headache for exporters and importers.
In December, the cost of raw materials rose all the way, making it difficult for foreign trade exporters.
From the beginning to the end of this year, foreign trade and export have experienced a lot. In the face of the epidemic situation, we also have to bear the unpredictable risk and the pressure of unable to guarantee profits.
Difficulties and hardships will always be in the past, beautiful sunshine behind the dark clouds, come on!